Novtek Tile Adhesive

Heavy Duty

NOVTEK HEAVY DUTY is a high performance polymer modified tile adhesive designed for bonding of large and non-porous ceramic tiles, natural stones, granite, marbles and mosaics, vitrified, rectified, homogenous and mosaic. It is also used for tile-over-tile application

FORM : powder
COLOR : Gray & White
RATIO : 5-7 Liters of water for 25 kg ( *Water ratio may vary depending on weather
condition. )
CONSISTENCY : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING : 25 kg/bag

POT LIFE: 3-4hours
VOC Content: Very low odor
( *but depends on substrate condition ,
thickness of application and size of tiles )
SHELFLIFE: 12 Months


Surface must be fully cured, clean, dry and free from contaminants.


• Pour 5-7 liters of clean water into a plastic pail and add one 25-kg bag of NovTek Heavy Duty Tile Adhesives.
• Always put water first in the container before adding NovTek Tile Adhesive for proper preparation.
• Mix thoroughly until a trowelable consistency is attained.
• Let stand for about 10 – 15 minutes, and then re-mix again.


• Using a special notched trowel (6mm x 6mm) spread over 1-2 square meter area at a time only.
• Lay down tiles and adjust accordingly. Use tile spacers to ensure the correct spacing of the tiles.
• Ensure that the spread adhesive is used in 15-20 minutes maximum.
• Regularly check adhesive bed to ensure that no film layer has formed on the surface. If so disregard,
mix and spread a new batch straight from the mixing pail.


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