Novtek Skim Coat Standard

For 1-3 mm Plastering

NOVTEK Skim Coat Superfine is a finishing thin layer
cementitious plaster specially formulated for concrete
surfaces and pre-casts for indoor and outdoor use. It
offers excellent non-sag properties that provide great
workability on overhead and vertical applications

This product is suitable for all types of concrete surfaces.

Form: Powder
Color: Gray and White
Water/ Powder: 7L of Water for 20 kg
( *Water ratio may Ratio vary depending on weather condition. )
Curing Time: 7 days prior for painting purposes
Consistency: Homogenous paste mortar
Packaging: 20 kg/ bag

Pot Life: 3-4 hours
VOC Content: Very low Odor
Shelf life: 12 months
Compressive strength Results: White – 3058 Psi
Gray – 2919 Psi
Coverage Area: 14-20 m2
/bag ( *but depends on substrate condition and thickness of application )


Remove all dust, oil or traces of foreign materials. Dampen the dry concrete or plastered surface before application of NOVTEK Skim Coat Superfine.


Add approximately 7 liters of water to 20 kg of NOVTEK Skim Coat Superfine. Use electric mixer for stirring and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes until desired homogenous paste is achieved. The Skim Coat paste will remain usable for approximately 3-4 hours after mixing.


• Apply NOVTEK Skim Coat Superfine using plain steel trowel.
• Smoothly apply the Skim Coat Paste over the surface to be skimmed in a back and forth direction strokes based on thickness and smooth finished required.
• Let dry for about 5 minutes and then lightly trowel the surface again.
• If there is a need to increase the thickness of the Skim Coat, apply the second coat before the first coat is about to set.
• Allow the last coating to completely dry for 6 to 12 hours prior to sanding process
• Sand the uneven surface using 120 to 220 sand paper and feather the edges into the
surrounding surface.
• Lightly brush off the dust from the surface and wipe gently with a damp cloth or sponge before priming and painting. Use appropriate primer when applying gloss or semi-gloss paint topcoat.