Novtek Joint Compound

Joint Filler

A premium grade all purpose compound specially formulated for flush jointing plasterboard joints,
internal/external angles and fastener heads.

This product can be used in internal and external jointing purposes. 

FORM : Fine Powder
COLOR : White
WATER/POWDER: 7-8 L/ 20 kg
DRYING TIME : 7 hours
CONSISTENCY : homogenous paste
PACKAGING : 20 kg/ bag

COVERAGE AREA: 5 linear meter/ 6” width
VOC CONTENT: Very low odor
SHELFLIFE: 12 Months


Surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly by removing all loosely adhering particles, dirt, oils, paints, and
other contaminants.


• Always use clean water and clean containers and tools.
• Only prepare the required amount to be used to prevent fast setting in the containers.
• Preparation, slowly add powder to water and mix. Mix by hand or with a power mixer (max. 400rpm). Mix until a smooth workable paste has been achieved


• Pre-fill premium joint compound at the joints between panels with a 6” joint putty knife.
• Position and lightly press the mesh tape or cotton tape over the freshly applied gypsum putty.
Scrape off excess gypsum putty from the edge and apply a thin coat over the tape to prevent
wrinkles and blisters.
• Allow the first coat to dry and scrape off excess material and imperfections. Apply a 2nd coat to the joints using an 8”knife or trowel. Feather properly ensuring that the 2nd coat is wider than the first coat by 2-4”.
• Apply the 3rd and final again if necessary making sure that the previous coat is covered and final coat extends at least 2” from the edges.
• Sanding is not always necessary. But if you do, use fine grit sandpaper taking care that the board’s
paper surface is not scuffed or roughed. Remove sanding dust with a slightly damp sponge.