Concrete Waterproofing


NovTek Concrete Waterproofing is a one-component cementitious waterproofing compound with special polymer modifiers and chemical admixtures; formulated for application on concrete and mortar surfaces to prevent water penetration and seepage.

• For external and internal waterproofing of concrete surfaces where water, moisture, or condensation is a problem.
• For sealing cracks in concrete
• Repair and/or waterproofing work in showers & bathrooms, basements, firewalls, roof decks, balconies, and water tanks. 

FORM : Grainy Powder
COLOR : Cement Gray
RATIO : 1.08 L/ 4.5 kg bucket
4.81L/ 20 kg pail
6 L/25 kg bag
POTLIFE : 3-4 hours
CONSISTENCY : slurry paste
PACKAGING : 4.5 kg bucket, 20 kg pail &25 kg/bag.

COVERAGE AREA : 1.8 sq. m/ kg/coat
VOC CONTENT : Very low odor
SHELF LIFE : 12 Months


Undertake all concrete repairs and ensure surfaces are clean & free from dirt, oil and contaminants. Seal cracks, holes, and joints.


1. Mix 20 kgpailof Novtek Concrete Waterproofing with 4.81 liters of clean water.
2. Put water to the mixing pail first then add Novtek Concrete Waterproofing gradually; mix until a slurry pasty consistency is attained.


1. Always dampen concrete surfaces before application to prevent premature drying out of mixed material when applied.
2. Use a stiff tampico brush, masonry brush or trowel to apply over pre-dampen surfaces. Thickness of coat should be about 1.0 to 2.0mm.
3. For plaster applications, such as floors, bathrooms, basements or roof decks – use a steel notched trowel.
4. Allow to harden in about six (6) hours then apply a second coat.
5. Depending upon gravity of waterproofing requirement, apply a third coat.