• NovTek Tile Grout with Antimicrobial Protection

NovTek Tile Grout is the most innovative and advance joint-filler ever introduced in the Philippines. It is the only tile grout with built- in anti microbial properties that will ensure your grout will remain free from black mold, fungus and mildew.

• High impact resistance
• Non-fading
• Molds and Mildew Resistant
• Stain resistance
• Easy to apply just add required water for creamy consistency.

Intended Use

This product is suitable for all joints and tile edges.

Availability of the Product

Available in 29 different colors.
1.   ROMBLON WHITE                   16. TAGAYTAY ROSE
2.   BORACAY WHITE                     17. ANILAO PEACH
3.   LAGUNA BEIGE                        18. PINATUBO GRAY
4.   BATANES CLAY                        19. KALIBO BLACK
5.   BANAHAW MINT                        20. EVERGREEN
6.   BAGUIO GREEN                       21. ASPEN MINT
7.   APO GREEN                              22. SEA GLASS GREEN
8.   EL NIDO BLUE                          23. SUNFLOWER YELLOW
9.   BOHOL BROWN                       24. IRISH CREAM
10. VIGAN RED                                25. MALT BROWN
11. SAGADA RED                            26. DESSERT DAWN
12. CAGAYAN CREAM                    27. PRAIRIE FIELDS
13. GUIMARAS MANGO                  28. SIERRA CLAY
14. CAMIGUIN GOLD                      29. CADET BLUE
15. MACTAN PINK                          


Store dry. NovTek Tile Grout has a shelf life of one (1) year from date of manufacture.


1.  Pour clean water into a plastic pail and add NovTek Tile Grout gradually.
2.  Mix thoroughly until creamy and pasty consistency is attained.
3.  Let stand for 15 minutes, and then mix again.
4.  For a 2kg NovTek Tile Grout, add about 500 ml of water.


1.  Using a rubber faced float or squeegee spread the mixed NovTek Tile Grout diagonally across the tile joints, working the grout paste deep into the tile joints, working the grout paste into the tile joints.
2.  Remove excess grout using a wet sponge in the same diagonal strokes to avoid dislodging the embedded grout.
3.  Grouted areas are open to normal traffic after at least 24 hours.

Technical Data

COVERAGE AREA                : 1.5 m2-4 m2 @ 6mm width
THICKNESS                          : 3 mm
                                                        35.4 N/mm2@ 15d
                                                        41.2 N/mm2@28d
VOC CONTENT                     : Very low odor
SHELFLIFE                            : 12 Months

Physical Properties

FORM                      : Colored Powder
WATER/POWDER RATIO   : 500 mL of water for 2 kg
POTLIFE                 : 3-4 hours
CURING TIME        : 24 hours for light traffic
CONSISTENCY     : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING           : 2 kg / bag

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