• NovTek Heavy Duty

    It is a high performance polymer modified tile adhesive designed for bonding of large and non-porous ceramic tiles, natural stones, granite, marbles and mosaics,vitrified,rectified,homogenous and mosaic.It is also used for tile-over-tile application

  • NovTek Power Grip

    NovTek POWER GRIP is a high performance polymer- modified tile adhesive for preventing vertical slippage of large, heavy, natural and synthetic decorative stones, and tiles.

  • NovTek Quick Set

    NovTek QUICK SET is a high performance polymer-modified tile adhesive that sets to light foot traffic in 3-4 hours or more depending on the type of application.

  • NovTek Super Flex

    NovTek SUPER FLEX is a high performance polymer-modified tile adhesive with enhanced flexibility to absorb slight movement or vibration on substrates like steel, wood, fiber-cement, and gypsum board.