• NovTek Watercloset Flange

In plumbing, a closet flange (also known as a toilet flange) is a pipe fitting (specifically, a type of flange) that both mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe.

1. Locate the drain pipe or hole and follow the watercloset manufacturer’s instruction as to correct distance and position of the watercloset.

2. Ideally, the flange should be bolted onto the concrete floor substrate. If the floor has existing ceramic tiles laid out, trace the outside perimeter of the plastic flange over the tiles to pattern a 7.5” diameter circle over the pipe or hole. Remove excess tiles to make the flange flushed or at level with the tiles. For new construction install the flange first before installing the ceramic tiles.

3. Use the guides on the plastic flange to orient the final position of the watercloset. Drill four (4) holes on the floor using a 5/16” size drill bit and insert the plastic expansion plugs.

4. Apply silicone sealants on the sides and bottom of the flange while giving special attention to the pipe-flange connection. Bolt down using the metal screws but do not overly tighten as yet.

5. Position the flat-head bolts in upright position. Loosen the screws a bit if you find it difficult to insert the flat-head bolts in the head room provided. Tighten the screws afterwards.

6. Position the wax gasket or p-seal over the watercloset horn. Alternately, place the wax gasket over the plastic flange ensuring that the wax is dead center over the hole. Apply silicone sealants all around the bottom perimeter of the watercloset.

7. Lower the watercloset unto the upright bolts and secure with the washers and nuts provided. Push down with a rocking motion to ensure that there is a proper seal and fit with the wax gasket.

8. Test the level of the watercloset, the overall fit and water tightness. Insert the plastic or metal shims to adjust level. Fill with sealants the uneven portions at the bottom as a precaution against possible water seepages.

9. Tighten the nuts one side at a time alternating between both nuts. Do not tighten one side fully before moving onto the other side. Adjust to achieve the desired level and fit. Take extreme care in tightening the nuts to prevent damaging the watercloset.

10. Apply silicone sealants all around the watercloset perimeter and tool evenly and cleanly.

11. Finally, position and fix the ceramic caps over the nuts and again, seal with sealant.

List of Parts

• Flange                  • Wax Gasket                  • Bolt Cover
• Flathead Bolt       • Bolt Nut                         • Flathead Bolt Washers
• Metal Screw         • Expansion Plug           • Metal Screw Washers

Tools Required
1. Carpenter´s Level                                5. Screw Driver
2. Silicone Sealant (with Fungicide)     6. Electric Hand Drill
3. Caulking Gun                                       7. Measuring Tape
4. Adjustable Pliers or Wrenches         8. Masonry Drill Bit (5/16")

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