• NovTek Grout Sealer

A stain-resistant sealer for cementitious tile grouts. It may also be used to seal cement mortars, concrete and other porous masonry.

•   Apply using an applicator or a bristle brush preferably just a little wider than the grout line for maximum coverage.
•   Clean the surface immediately after application of sealer.
•  After about two (2) hours, apply droplets of water to sealed areas to test water absorption. If necessary, apply a second coat to completely seal the surface.


• Preserves natural look and color of grout.
• Resistant to water, dirt, dust and other contaminants.
• Ensures a protective barrier against stains, mildew.
• Allows the grout material to “breathe”.
• Ready and easy to use

Intended Use

This product is suitable for all types of cementitious tile grouts.


Always stored in a cool and dry area.

FORM             : Clear Liquid

COLOR          : Colorless

PACKAGING : 250 ml, 1 liter

COVERAGE  : 50m2 (for 1L), 12m2 (for 250 ml)

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