• NovTek Concrete Sealer

It is formulated to impart water-repellant properties to concrete, bricks, concrete roof tiles, pavers and natural stones, such as adobe, mactan tiles, slates, etc.

Bricks & Porous Tiles - immerse in a large container for 5 minutes, then airy dry by stacking vertically.

Concrete - uses a suitable brush or air spray over surface.

Concrete Roof Tiles - immerse in a large container for 5 minutes. Solution maybe diluted with water by up to 100% by Volume.

Natural Stones – use mist spray equipment for maximum coverage.


A reduction in the water-absorption of treated materials will result in the following:

• Limited moss, mildew or algae growth especially in bricks
• Increased resistance to wind or water-borne contaminants such as dirt, oils, chemicals, etc.
• Easy maintenance and clean up as the surface pores and capillaries are closed and sealed.
• No change in color or texture of treated surface.

Intended Use

This product is suitable for all porous of concrete surfaces.


Always store in a cool and dry area at room temperature.

Coverage Consumption

For Smooth Porous Surface         ... approx. 20m2/gal
For Semi-rough Porous Surface ... approx. 15m2/gal
For Rough Porous Surface           ... approx. 10m2/gal

Physical Properties

FORM             : Liquid
COLOR          : Clear

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