• TileMax Tile Grout

Is a cementitious compound designed for grouting ceramic tiles. It is used for grouting joints up to 6mm in width between wall and floor tiles. It is formulated with proprietary technology to ensure durability, color consistency and quick setting.

• High impact resistance
• Resistant to cracking, shrinking and wear
• Non-fading
• For interior/exterior grouting

Intended Use

Used to fill the spaces between tiles or mosaics, and is often used to secure tile to its base.


Always store in a cool and dry area at room temperature.

Surface Preparation

Clean the areas that grout will be applied to prevent loosening or cracking of the grout once it has applied.


• Add approximately 250 ml water for every kg of grout.
• Slowly add the grout powder to the water in a clean plastic pail.
• Stir until pasty, lump-free consistency is achieved.
• Allow the mix to stand for 20-15 minutes; stir again.


• Use a rubber float or squeegee working the paste deeply into the joint, employing a diagonal motion.
• Remove excess grout using a wet sponge in the same diagonal strokes to avoid dislodging the embedded grout.
• For added protection against water infiltration, dirt and stains apply NovTek Grout Sealer after 24 hours.

Technical Data

COVERAGE AREA                   : 1.5 m2-4 m2 @ 6mm width
THICKNESS                              : 3 mm
                                                      12.4 N/mm2@ 15d
                                                      15.2 N/mm2@28d
VOC CONTENT                        : Very low odor SHELFLIFE : 12 Months

Physical Properties

FORM                   : Colored Powder
COLOR                : 19 colors
WATER/POWDER RATIO : 500 ml per 2 kg pack
POTLIFE              : 3-4 hours
CONSISTENCY : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING       : 2 kg/bag

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