• TileMax Tile Adhesive

A cement based one-component adhesive for walls and floor tiles. Can be used with any type of tile. Can be used for tiles for wall tiles of up to “8x8” and floor tiles of up to “12x12”.

• Prevents tile cracks and bonding failure.
• High standing strength.
• High adhesive tensile strength.
• Easy workability.

Intended Use

This product can be used in any type of tiles.


Always store in a cool and dry area at room temperature.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean, hard and free from dirt, loose particles, and other contaminants.


• Pour 7-8 liters of clean water into a plastic pail and add one 25-kg bag of TileMax Tile Adhesive.
• Always put water first in the container before adding TileMax Tile Adhesive for proper preparation.
• Mix thoroughly until a trowelable consistency is attained. The mixture should be pasty and lump-free consistency
• Let the mixture stand and stir again after 10-15 minutes


• Using a notched trowel spread over 1-2 square meters at a time.
• Lay down tiles and adjust accordingly. Use tile spacers to ensure the correct spacing of the tiles.
• Ensure that the spread adhesive is used in 15-20 minutes maximum.
• Allow to dry.


Technical Data

COVERAGE AREA           : 5-7 sq.m.
THICKNESS                     : 6 mm
VOC CONTENT                : Very low odor SHELFLIFE : 12 Months

Physical Properties

FORM                           : Powder
COLOR                        : Gray
WATER/POWDER RATIO : 7-8 Liters of water for 25 kg
POTLIFE                      : 3-4 hours
OPENTIME                  : 15-20 min. after application
ADJUSTMENT TIME  : 15 minutes
CURING TIME            : 7 days
CONSISTENCY          : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING                : 25 kg/bag

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