• Durafix Skim Coat

Durafix SKIM COAT is a finishing thin layer cementitious plaster specially formulated for uneven concrete surfaces and pre-casts for indoor and outdoor use. It offers excellent non-sag properties that provide great workability on overhead and vertical applications.


• Serves as initial coat for painting purposes; no need to neutralize concrete surfaces
• High initial adhesiveness
• Excellent non sag properties that give good workability on both vertical and overhead surfaces
• Yields a homogenous paste that eliminates surface crack lines
• High Bonding strength
• Ready and easy to use
• Non-toxic and with Very low-VOC content
• Eliminates crack lines

Intended Use

This product is suitable for all types of concrete surfaces.


Durafix Skim Coat Standard is packed in multiply paper bag. When stored in its original packaging in a dry place at room temperature, Durafix SKIM COAT Standard can be kept for a long period of time but not exceeding 12 months.
Surface Preparation

Remove all dust, oil or traces of foreign materials. Dampen the dry concrete or plastered surface before application of Durafix Skim Coat.


• Add approximately 8 liters of water to 25 kg of Durafix Skim Coat.
• Use electric mixer for stirring and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes until desired homogenous paste is achieved.
• The Skim Coat paste will remain usable for approximately 3-4 hours after mixing.


• Apply Durafix Skim Coat using 24-inch-wide steel trowel.
• Smoothly apply the Skim Coat Paste over the surface to be skimmed in a back and forth direction strokes based on thickness and smooth finished required.
• Let dry for about 5 minutes and then lightly trowel the surface again.
• If there is a need to increase the thickness of the Skim Coat, apply the second coat before the first coat is about to set.
• Allow the last coating to completely dry for 1 to 2 hours.
• Sand the uneven surface using 120 to 220 sand paper and feather the edges into the surrounding surface.
• Lightly brush off the dust from the surface and wipe gently with a damp cloth or sponge before priming and painting. Use appropriate primer when applying gloss or semi-gloss latex topcoat.

Technical Data

COVERAGE AREA           : 7-8 m2/3mm/25 kg bag
THICKNESS                     : 3-5 mm
VOC CONTENT               : Very low odor SHELFLIFE : 12 Months

Physical Properties

FORM                                    : Standard Powder
COLOR                                 : Gray and White
WATER/POWDER RATIO: 8 Liters of water for 25 kg
POTLIFE                               : 3-4 hours
CURING TIME                      : 7-15 days prior for painting purposes
CONSISTENCY                   : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING                         : 25 kg/bag

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