• NovTek Super Flex

NovTek SUPER FLEX is a high performance polymer-modified tile adhesive with enhanced flexibility to absorb slight movement or vibration on substrates like steel, wood, fiber-cement, and gypsum board.

• Prevents tile cracks and bonding failure.
• High standing and adhesive tensile strength.
• Enhanced flexibility to absorb slight vibration.
• Extended open time of up to 30 minutes.
• Easy workability and longer pot life.
• Lower labor cost and reduced installation time.
• For interior and exterior tie installations.

Intended Use

This product is suitable for bonding on fiber-cement, wood, steel, & gypsum board. It is also used on bonding of ceramic tiles, natural stones, granite, marble, & mosaics.


Always store in a cool and dry area. NovTek SUPER PLEX Tile Adhesive has a shelf life of about (1) year.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be fully cured, clean, dry and free from contaminants.


• Pour 5-1/2 to 6 liters of clean water into a plastic pail and add one 25-kg bag of NovTek SUPER FLEX Tile Adhesive by gradual mixing.
• Always put water first in the container before adding the powder for proper preparation.
• Mix thoroughly until a trowelable consistency is attained. The mixture should be pasty and lump-free consistency.
• Let the mixture stand for 10-15 minutes while allowing to slake. Then stir again.


• Using a special notched trowel (6mm-12 mm) spread over 1-2 m2 at a time only.
• Lay down tiles and adjust accordingly. Use tile spacers to ensure the correct spacing of the tiles.
• Ensure that the spread adhesive is used in 25-30 minutes in maximum.
• Regularly check adhesive bed to ensure that no film layer has formed on the surface. If so disregard, mix and spread a new batch straight from the mixing pail.

Physical Properties

FORM              : Powder Form
COLOR           : Gray and white.
PACKAGING  : 25 kg.
COVERAGE   : 5-7 m2

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