• NovTek Heavy Duty

It is a high performance polymer modified tile adhesive designed for bonding of large and non-porous ceramic tiles, natural stones, granite, marbles and mosaics,vitrified,rectified,homogenous and mosaic.It is also used for tile-over-tile application

• For installation on non-porous ceramic tiles.
• Used for vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles, granite tile and other homogenous tiles.
• Also recommended for pool tile installations, bathrooms and kitchens.
• Modified adhesive strength for heavy duty purposes
• Easy workability.
• High Strength tile adhesive for TILE OVER TILE installations.
• Prevents tile cracks and bonding failure
• For exterior and interior installation
• Resistant to slip with long open time

Intended Use

This product can be used in any type of tiles.

Availability of the product

NovTek Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive is available on Gray and White powder with 25 kg. packaging.


Always store in a cool and dry area at room temperature.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be cured ,clean, dry and free from contaminants


• Pour 6-7 liters of clean water into a plastic pail and add one 25-kg bag of NOVTEK Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive by gradual mixing.
• Always put water first in the container before adding Novtek Heavy-Duty Tile Adhesive for proper preparation.
• Mix thoroughly until a trowelable consistency is attained. The solution should be pasty and lump-free consistency.
• Let the mixture stand and stir again after 10-15 minutes while allowing to slake. Then stir again.


• Using a special notched trowel (6mm - 12mm) spread over 1-2 square meter area at a time only.
• Lay down tiles and adjust accordingly. Use tile spacers to ensure the correct spacing of the tiles.
• Ensure that the spread adhesive is used in 15-20 minutes maximum.
• Regularly check adhesive bed to ensure that no film layer has formed on the surface, if so disregard mix and spread a new batch straight from the mixing pail.

Technical Data

COVERAGE AREA               : 5-7 sq.m. 
THICKNESS                         : 6 mm
VOC CONTENT                   : Very low odor SHELFLIFE : 12 Months

Physical Properties
FORM                   : Powder
COLOR                : Gray & White
WATER/POWDER RATIO : 6-7 Liters of water for 25 kg
POTLIFE               : 3-4 hours
CURING TIME     : 7 days
CONSISTENCY  : homogenous paste mortar
PACKAGING        : 25 kg/bag

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